Public Works FAQs

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Listed below are the most common questions that the Public Works Department receives. Click a question to view the answer and all related information (i.e. contact phone numbers, email addresses, etc.). If your question is not listed here, please feel free to contact the department at any time via phone or email at 407-971-5668.

For questions regarding solid waste collection, please click the link in the navigation menu to the left titled "Solid Waste and Recyclables Information."

Questions about waste pickup?
Please click here to be redirected to the Solid Waste Collection FAQ's.

How do I start or end my City water service?

Please visit the City Utility Bill Department located in the Annex Building (320 Alexandria Blvd.) to start a new account, end or suspend an existing account, or pay a City of Oviedo utility bill.

 Do I need a permit to remove a tree in my yard?

Yes.  A permit must be obtained to remove any canopy tree within Oviedo City limits. Trees such as palms, fruit or the understory varieties (i.e. Crape Myrtle) do not require a permit for removal.

To request a permit, please visit the Public Works Administration Building located at 1655 Evans Street or call 407-971-5671.

Do I need a permit to plant a tree in the right-of-way or parkway?

No. However, the tree must be pruned to allow safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians, as well as to maintain a safe line of sight.  Clearances that must be maintained are:

  • 14 feet 8 inches over roadways
  • 8 feet over sidewalks
  • 3 feet or less for shrubs

Please be aware that any plantings in the public right-of-way may be trimmed by the Arbor Crew and other City maintenance workers to ensure public safety.

How do I report a mosquito problem?

To request a mosquito spraying in your neighborhood please click the link  or if you need further information on the City's mosquito control program, contact the main number of Public Works at 407-971-5696.

What are the watering restrictions in the City of Oviedo?

Current watering restrictions in effect for all municipal water users, all private well users, all alternative water users, and all surface water users are as follows:

  • Homes and businesses with Even Numbered Addresses may irrigate Thursday and Sunday only from 12:00 midnight to 10:00am and again from 4:00pm to 12:00 midnight.
  • Homes and businesses with Odd Numbered or No Numbered Addresses may irrigate Wednesday and Saturday only from 12:00 midnight to 10:00am and again from 4:00pm to 12:00 midnight.

These restrictions are in effect to help alleviate the growing over-demand on the Florida Aquifer water supply and are subject to strict enforcement. For more information, please visit the Water Conservation page of the Public Works Department by clicking here.

How do I report a pot hole in a City road?

Please report pot holes to the Public Works Department at 407-971-5668. Please provide exact details about the location including road name, direction, lane, and landmark if possible (i.e. Mitchell Hammock Rd., eastbound right-hand lane, in front of the Taco Bell resturaunt). A work order will be generated and fulfilled as soon as possible.

How do I obtain a copy of the City's Engineering Standards manual?
The Engineering Standards Manual is intended for contractors and design professionals who wish to perform work within the City of Oviedo limits.  This manual provides minimum standards for the design and construction of facilities which meet the following conditions:

  • Public and private facilities to be constructed within the City's corporate limits.
  • Facilities to be dedicated to the City for ownership.
  • Facilities to become future additions to the City's utilities and transportation systems.

To download a copy of the manual details, please click here.

How do I obtain a survey or wetland data for my property?

The City of Oviedo can not provide survey or wetland data for private property located within the City limits. This information is the responsibility of the resident owner and should be obtained from qualified surveying and environmental professionals.

In most cases, developed areas of the county are "platted." a plat is a drawing (not to be confused with an actual legal survey) showing planned property lines, right-of-ways, utilities, easements, and other features. Official plat records for the Oviedo area are maintained by Seminole County. You can check the Seminole County Property Appraiser's website to see if your specific parcel has a plat available online. Click here to be linked to the SCPA's website. From there, after agreeing to their terms of use, search the records database with your information. All available data will be listed including a digital version of the plat, if available.

How do I report a damaged or non-working street light?

The City of Oviedo does not maintain street lights or electricity service within the City. Depending on the location of the street light within the City limits, there are two different companies that handle street lights (and consequently all power related utilities).

A simple way to determine which company to call is as follows:

  • If you are EAST of the C.R. 419 Econlockhatchee River Bridge (The Sanctuary, Riverside, Partin Elementary, Lawton Chiles Middle School, Live Oak Reserve...), contact Florida Power and Light at 1-800-226-3545. or click
  •   Although there are some addresses within these developments that are serviced by Progress Energy, the majority of the development is serviced by Florida Power and Light.   
  •  If you are WEST of the C.R.419 Econlockhatchee River Bridge (the majority of the City of Oviedo with the exception of the above locations), contact Progress Energy at 407-629-1010. Or click on the link

If you are unsure on which company to call, either company can direct you to the appropriate authority if they are not responsible for the street light. If all else fails, feel free to call the City of Oviedo Public Works Department at 407-971-5668 for assistance.

For either company, please have the exact location of the light pole available. A house address is acceptable as well as the number on the pole (if available).

I had a bad water pipe leak in my house. What can I do?

City Council has approved Ordinance 1257 which provides for relief of utility bill accounts under certain circumstances. Specifically, for residents who have an inadvertent “accident” which results in a high consumption period, relief can be provided if the resident meets certain specific criteria:

  • Utility customer must have a monthly consumption historical average less than the 1.5 times the standard equivalent residential connection (ERC) allotment of 350 gallons per day or 15,750 gallons per month (350 x 1.5 x 30 = 15,750)
  • Utility customer must have been unaware, unknowing and/or did not have direct action to cause the accidents that lead to larger water consumption
  • The flow resulting from the mishap must be greater than two (2) times the previous twelve (12) months average consumption
  • Utility customer must provide evidence that the condition and/or causes of the accident has been corrected
  • Utility customers shall have a minimum six (6) months usage at the address of the mishap to be eligible for relief
  • Request must be made in writing and received by the Public Works Dpeartment within 45 days of the incident

If you have had a leak in your house (or on your property) that resulted in a substantially higher water usage and you meet the above criteria, please contact the Water Conservation Officer at 407-971-5691 or If, after review, your situation meets all criteria, you may be eligible for an adjustment to your water bill.

Please note that the word "adjustment" is used for a reason (as opposed to "credit"). Customers are responsible for 100% of the water that passes through their meter (no matter how it passed through). If an adjustment is granted for a specific utility bill, any use above your previous 12 month's average usage is rebilled at the lowest rate possible (instead of being billed at the "high user rate"). This typically results in a 10-50% reduction in the total balance due, depending on your specific case.

Please note, the following situations are not eligible for adjustment:

  • High consumption resulting from swimming pools (i.e. refilling) no matter the cause. If you need to refill your swimming pool and wish to avoid the consumption being placed on your water bill, there are companies that will deliver water via tank truck to your house for a fee. Please refer to the phone book.
  • Customers with multiple water utility accounts, such as landlords with multiple houses, are eligible for only one adjustment per owner...not per address.



Public Works FAQs