Have You Been Experiencing High Water Usage?

Have You Been Experiencing High Water Usage?

Being a good water steward reduces water waste. Below are some simple tips to save water.

Common Water Loss Inside Your Home

  • Dripping faucets in the kitchen or bath
  • Toilets that flush themselves or seem to run continually
  • Water softener needs maintenance
  • Consider only running full dishwasher and washing machines

Common Water Loss Outside Your Home

  • Irrigation timer programming needs seasonal adjustment, battery, or maintenance
  • Hoses and bibs that drip or leak
  • Water that puddles or wet spots in yard could indicate a broken water pipe
  • Broken sprinkler heads or miss adjusted sprinkler heads
  • Over watering new sod or plants for establishment
  • Consider installing water efficient drip irrigation zones for plant beds

Regular homeowner water system maintenance and inspections will reduce water loss and save you money. If you still have questions, contact our Water Conservation Coordinator at (407) 971-5691.