Water Conservation

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Here's More On Water Conservation


In an effort to help alleviate the growing over-demand of the Florida Aquifer, the City of Oviedo employs operates with water restriction requirements as well as to educates the public on ways to conserve water.

Although it may at times be somewhat of an inconvenience to sprinklerresidents, watering restrictions are not imposed without an extreme cause or need. Everyday, more and more demand is placed on the Florida Aquifer system to supply more and more water to the residents of Florida. If left unchecked and unregulated, the Aquifers underneath the Florida soil would be exhausted to the point of running out of fresh water and causing salt water intrusion.

Click a topic below for more information on Florida's water supply and what you can do to help conserve it.



Portions of this section have been reproduced with persmission from the St. Johns River Water Management District.


Conservation outside is only half the battle! It's what's inside that matters too.

Living in Florida, we may tend to think that the only water wasting going on is in the garden or lawn. However, there is often water waste occuring indoors as well. Fixing leaks and replacing old plumbing fixtures with water-saving ones could save a family of four about 30,000 gallons of water each year (about 2 water bills worth of usage)!   

The City also utilizes a state-of-the-art automated meter reading system which stores historical water usage in valuable hourly increments to help in addressing high water usage inquiries from our customers.  The meter also has a visual potential leak indicator for detecting potential leaks.

Following watering restrictions is just a start. Is your sprinkler system efficient?  

Following the watering restrictions of two days per week between 4pm and 10am is a good effort (and let's not forget that it's mandatory!), but it's only the tip of what you can do to help conserve water and, at the same time, save yourself some money.

Irrigation Schedule FAQ

So, what is the problem? Why do I need to conserve water?

Every time you turn on your water faucet, take a shower, wash your car, or use water in any way, you are placing demand on the aquifer. It doesn't matter if you are on a private well or if you use the City's water distribution system. It all comes from the same place: Nature. 

How about reclaimed or reuse water.  How does this help with water conservation?

Reclaimed water conserves drinking water supplies, and with proper irrigation techniques it can actually help recharge the water aquifiers with water that would otherwise be wasted. 


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Just what exactly is the Florida Aquifer?

Aquifers can be thought of as vast underground porous rocks that hold water and allow water to move through the holes in the rock. Aquifers can be composed of different types of earthen materials such as sand, shell, and limestone. Fresh and salt water fill the various sized holes in the rock. Freshwater generally fills the uppermost part of aquifers while salt water is present at greater depths.

In some areas, water in an aquifer is confined or overlain by a thick layer of clay followed by sandy soil extending up to the land’s surface. Where water in an aquifer is confined, the water is under pressure. This pressure allows water to rise in a well above the top of the aquifer and, in some places, above the land’s surface without a pump which results in an artesian well
 H2Oviedo Water Conservation Incentive Program


H2Oviedo Water Conservation Incentive Program Following through on their commitment to conserve water and reduce potable water consumption throughout Oviedo, the City Council formally established the H2Oviedo Water Conservation Incentive Program.  The incentive approach is considered to be a “win-win” environmental initiative as residents can learn new ways to reduce water consumption and save money in the process.  The incentive program is available for residents with or without irrigation systems and has been designed so as not to conflict with permitting procedures of homeowner associations.  Partner with us as we strive to reduce water consumption! 

The City of Oviedo is seeking applicants for the award winning H2Oviedo conservation incentive program.  For more information click hereFor H2O Incentive Program Application click here.

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